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Citizen Universe

Citizen Universe (Coming Soon!)

Once upon a time, there were multiple planets where Citizens living together.
But, because of the planet's conditions, many Citizens were suffering and getting sick. And as time went by, the earth was fading into gray. More and more Citizens were losing their energy and color.
One day, all of a sudden, a bright and magical planet appeared. It was called 'DOSI.' Many lost colored Citizens started to move to this new planet, 'DOSI', as travelers and tried the new colorful experiences.
Citizens started to enjoy this colorful utopia planet 'DOSI' and started to send the news to suffering Citizens back home to move to 'DOSI' for different life experiences.
"Please come to the magical planet DOSI, a paradise for every Citizen! "
After hearing this fantastic news, the Citizens back home also began to travel to the new planet DOSI.
And all these traveler Citizens became immigrants of DOSI and started to build a new ecosystem and community as citizens of DOSI.

Where are Citizens from?

Travelers from five planets who moved to the new planet DOSI - They received DON to live in from the DOSI immigration service. And they work for development and contributions for DOSI.

Where are Citizen Friends from?

When Citizen travelers were moving into the DOSI in a spaceship, the Friends who hid under the spaceship came to the DOSI and arrived along. As the travelers started to settle in DOSI, they discovered the hidden pets and became 'friends'. As Friends become citizens' good companions, the DOSI immigration service decided to provide more DON as Citizens to take care of them.
Look forward to more stories coming up of Citizen Universe..! Coming Soon!