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DOSI Arcade

Here's the latest update on the our latest service, DOSI Arcade. DOSI Arcade includes special game challenges and mini games including, Penguin Dash and Rainbow Blast. If you're a citizen, you can join the game for free and get a reward every week!

1. What is DOSI Arcade?

DOSI Arcade is a place where you can enjoy various mini-games as a DOSI Citizen. We plan to reward those who achieve excellent records in weekly mini-games with the DOSI Citizen Lv1 NFT. Users who meet specific conditions for each game can also receive Citizen NFT through a draw!

2. Mini Game Introduction

1. Penguin Dash

Don't stop, keep running! Run forward before the ice blocks fall. How far can you run?

2. Rainbow Blast

Clear all the blocks on the screen by blasting two or more connected blocks of the same color. Popping a one-piece block reduces hearts. Let's go for the highest level!

3. Hexa Puzzle

Clear many lines at once and get the highest score! If you charge the gauge by clearing lines, you can refresh the blocks.

4. Shanghai Chef

Find and match the same tiles to earn points! You can use items to attack the stage.
Round and cute animal blocks are piled up. If you connect the same kind together, you can get points as they disappear.

6. Merge Fruit

Grapes are combined to become cherry! Cherries are combined to become tangerine! Tangerines are combine to....? What fruit will come out next? Finally, try making the biggest golden watermelon!

7. Step

Jump jump!! A cute rain girl jumping over the pools of rainwater!

8. Merge Dot

Merge circles and make a triangle! Merge triangles and make a quadangle! Play Merge Dot that keeps merging dots together!
Eight games are now open and accordingly it will expand to 10 games! We ask for your interest and support as we’ll engage more user’s participations and upgrade reward system!