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DOSI Citizen Collaboration

DOSI Citizen works with various partners and brands. Meet the exclusive collaboration versions of Citizens.

Citizen X Barranquilla

Introducing the Barranquilla edition, which was Citizen's first collaboration. Inspired by the Barranquilla Festival, one of the largest festivals in Latin America, it is a new concept of Citizen collaboration worked with the famous 3D art studio MTN(Monster Truck Ninja).

Citizen X FingerLabs

Next is the special collaboration with Finger Labs, which created many famous IP projects in Korea. It is a limited edition Citizen NFT wearing the cutest collaboration T-shirts with Finger Labs' Favor Alliance logo on!


Citizen Pet made a first collaboration with CATBOTICA, a project that consists of over 12,000 generative NFT art pieces with more than 450 accessories and over 9,000 layers, created in detail with a new IP and character.

Citizen X SNKRZ

SNKRZ is a Move-And-Earn social fitness reward platform based on the Wemix, Polygon and Klaytn networks that allows users to enjoy exercise, health, and rewards together. With collaboration with DOSI Citizen through event, limited version of 'DOSI Citizen X SNKRZ Collab NFT' was airdropped.

Citizen X Meta Toy Dragonz

Sandbox Network's Profile NFT project, Meta Toy Dragonz, made a collaboration with DOSI Citizen. Through this collaboration, Meta Toy Dragonz's IP was smoothly integrated with DOSI Citizen and help a community airdrop event.

DOSI & Partners

DOSI always seeking to expand its business by announcing cooperation with many partners. Check out partners working with DOSI. 😎
For any collaboration and partnership inquiries, Please contact us via google form