DOSI (Eng)
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About LINE

LINE is Asia's No.1 messenger platform company with over 190 million users. LINE provides services in various industries, such as messenger, banking, commerce, content, AI, and blockchain.

About LINE Web3 Business

LINE started its blockchain business in 2018 and has been preparing for global business and services including DOSI since 2022. Currently, more than 360 people are working towards the goal of Web3 popularization.
What is Web3?
"Web 3" refers to a new web form that has been further developed in "Web 1," which unilaterally provided information to users through web pages when the Internet was first distributed, and "Web 2," which enables users to exchange and trade information, starting with social media and e-commerce platforms.
LINE offers various services in the blockchain field, including Layer 1 blockchain, Exchange (Japan), NFT market, Wallet, and Applications. We aim to provide blockchain services that anyone can easily use.