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DOSI Adventure

We would like to introduce DOSI Adventure, the biggest pride of the DOSI, and a raffle event that many users are participating.

1. What is DOSI Adventure?

DOSI Adventure is a weekly raffle event. Every week, various NFTs will be presented as prizes, and the more blue-chip NFTs will be presented, as more Citizens are participating. In addition, more than 20,000 Citizen NFTs are also offered as prizes, so you can get NFTs through constant participation.
Don't miss out on the opportunity for a popular event that has accumulated approximately 4.5 million participants(as of 2023.2.20) and more than 9 million participations!

2. How to participate in DOSI Adventure?

Anyone can participate in DOSI Adventure by signing up for DOSI Wallet and need to burn a certain amount of DON(Citizen membership points). When you participate for the first time, you must link the DOSI wallet with the DOSI Citizen site by SMS authentication. After that, you can participate immediately without an additional linking process.
First adveture is free and you can participate up to 100 times. Please refer to DOSI Citizen Notice for further information.

3. What are the prizes for DOSI Adventure?

The DOSI Adventure prizes so far have been given to blue chip NFTs such as BAYC, Clone X, Moonbirds, Doodles, Azuki, Cool Cats, Meebits, WoW, Beanz, Invisible Friends, CrypToadz, DeadFellaz, and other popular NFTs from DOSI, such as LINE Avatar, NOW. Drops, DIA NFT, Hellbound, and LineUp_Gourmet.