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General Terms

General Terms related to NFTs.
Refers to the free transfer of NFTs to their wallets that users have won in events.
Also known as metadata, this refers to the characteristic values that an NFT possesses.
Refers to the transactions that involve the sale and purchasing of NFTs among users.
A feature to request rewards held by NFTs. Through claiming, you can receive another NFT through airdrop.
Competitive Whitelist
"Competitive White List" refers to a list of individuals who are competing for limited spots or opportunities in a specific event or project. Those registered on the White List must meet certain conditions or go through a specific process to be selected to participate in the event or project.
Once selected for the Competitive White List in B2C sales, you can participate in purchases at a lower competition rate in events like pre-sales. However, since purchases are made on a first-come, first-served basis, being selected for the list does not guarantee a confirmed purchase of NFTs.
Fixed Whitelist
"Fixed/Guaranteed White List" refers to a list of individuals who have qualified to participate in a specific event or project after undergoing pre-assessment or review. Those on this list have eligibility and can participate officially any without additional competition or review processes. For example, using confirmed white list privileges, you can purchase the specified quantity without competition in a highly competitive DOSI B2C sale.
Gas Fee
Refers to fees charged when making payments with virtual assets. To enable payments using virtual assets, their movement history must be recorded in a block. The cost incurred during this process is referred to as a "gas fee."
A platform for user-to-user transactions, allowing users to sell NFTs they have purchased or received through airdrops to other users. Users can list their NFTs for sale at desired prices and also purchase NFTs listed in the Marketplace.
Refers to the process of creating an NFT. Through minting, a unique ID and ownership information for the digital asset are assigned and recorded on the blockchain.
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. All information, such as its creation, transactions, airdrops, and ownership, is recorded on the blockchain, making it irreplaceable by other tokens. This characteristic makes it impossible to counterfeit, allowing intellectual property rights to be proven.
Raffle Event
An event that allows participants to win various rewards, including NFTs and membership benefits, through a random drawing.
Random Box
A box that allows users to randomly obtain Generative NFTs. After purchasing a Random Box, users cannot know which NFT they have obtained until they are all revealed at once.
Refers to the scarcity of the attributes (metadata) that an NFT possesses. Even tokens of the same type can vary in value depending on their rarity.
This means unveiling an NFT, which may have different images and metadata. There are two types of reveals: user-initiated reveals and scheduled reveals by the system, where specific tokens are simultaneously disclosed at certain times.
Refers to the trading of NFTs in a B2C or C2C manner.
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Terms related to 'DOSI' services.
DOSI Vault
DOSI Vault is a Finschia (FNSA) exclusive non-custodial wallet that users can directly manage and use. A non-custodial wallet refers to a wallet where users have complete control and full authority over their private keys and assets.
DOSI Citizen
DOSI Citizen is a membership service created for DOSI users. Users who have received a wallet from DOSI can also receive Citizen NFTs. Citizens are divided into four levels, and you can level up based on your contributions.
DOSI Wallet
DOSI Wallet is an NFT wallet service based on Finschia Chain. You can hold NFTs issued through Finschia Chain and use it as a gateway when trading NFTs. NFTs purchased from DOSI Store or obtained through events can be added to DOSI Wallet for safekeeping.
DOSI Adventure
DOSI Adventure is a weekly raffle event. Every week, Blue-chip NFTs are offered as prizes, and the number of Blue-chip NFTs awarded as prizes increases based on the total participation of all Citizens. Additionally, Citizen NFTs are also offered as prizes, so you can obtain various NFTs through this event.
DOSI Land is a weekly prize event for DOSI Citizens who are Level 2 to 4 DOSI Citizen NFT holders. Users can participate every week by spending DON and Level-up Pass, and winners have the chance to win the virtual asset Finschia (FNSA) as a prize based on certain conditions.
Level UP
Refers to the process of combining multiple Citizen NFTs to create a higher-level Citizen NFT. Higher-level Citizens offer more DON through attendance checks. Citizens at level 2 or higher have the opportunity to participate in DOSI Land.
Level-UP Pass (LUP)
Level-Up Pass (LUP) is one of the requirements for leveling up DOSI Citizen NFTs or participating in DOSI Land. DOSI Citizen users automatically receive 1 LUP for every confirmed cumulative purchase of USD 50 when they purchase NFTs in a B2C or C2C manner from DOSI Store.
Refers to the procedure for verifying the ownership of an NFT at a particular moment. For example, when offering benefits to users who hold Citizen Lv4 at a specific moment, the snapshot is used to confirm its ownership at that specific time.
Citizen Level
Citizens are divided into four levels (Traveler, Visitor, Resident, Citizen). You can level up to a higher Citizen level by collecting multiple Citizens of the same level.
City Badge
City Badge is an official certification issued to accounts that have made purchases of $100 or more from DOSI through B2C or C2C transactions. After obtaining the City Badge, users can list items for C2C sale in the Marketplace.
Citizen Parts
Refers to images that represent each attribute of a Citizen NFT.
Citizen Friends
Refers to friends for DOSI Citizens. It offers the "+DON" effect, which helps to acquire DON through attendance checks. If you have multiple Friends of the same token type, the "+DON" effect applies only to the one with the highest value. Also, for each City Friends collection, the +DON effect overlaps with the one that has the highest +DON value.
Refers to the mini-games provided by Citizen. If you achieve a certain score, you can win DON through a lottery drawing.
Raffle Carrot
A time-limited benefit coupon that allows you to apply for an event at HID.DEN SCHOOL. If you are accepted, you can participate in the event.
To evolve Citizen Friends, select and combine three NFTs of the same collection of Citizen Friends. New Friend is created with the appearance of the selected representative Friend through evolving. This new Friend is then airdropped to the user. Along with the evolution, the +DON effect is also combined. For example, let's say you have three Cats with 150+DON, 210+DON, and 300+DON effects. Previously, only the highest effect of 300+DON was recognized through attendance checks. However, after evolution, you will receive 660+DON through attendance checks, which is the combination of all +DON effects of the three cats. Additionally, you can receive a random bonus +DON effect.
This is the password set by users to access DOSI Wallet.
Public Sales
A sales method where anyone can participate. In DOSI, users with DOSI Wallet can participate in purchases during the public sale period.
Reserved Carrot
Reserved Carrot is a HID.DEN SCHOOL's special, time-limited benefit coupon that allows for 100% confirmed participation in events with recruits more than 100 participants. However, if the number of recruitment quotas is less than 100, participation is confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.
1st Sale
Refers to the sale where transactions are initiated for tokens issued by DOSI for the first time. It includes white list sales and public sales.
Refers to the transactions where users purchase NFTs sold by DOSI.
DON refers to the DOSI membership point that users can accumulate and use after joining Citizen. DON is given daily through attendance checks, and the amount of DON rewarded varies depending on the number of Citizen NFTs you possess. DON is also awarded when your friends join through your invitation. You can also earn DON by purchasing NFTs from DOSI.
If you have an NFT with "+DON" effect, additional DON is awarded through attendance checks based on the highest +DON value among the NFTs you own.
One of the attributes of Citizen Friend NFTs. During evolution, only NFTs with the same Growth can be combined. (e.g., Puppy, Kitten, etc.)