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DOSI Citizen?

What is DOSI Citizen?

The DOSI Citizen is a membership NFT project for DOSI users. All of the wallet users of DOSI will get a unique DOSI Citizen NFT, allowing them to function as DOSI’s citizens. Citizen NFT consists of 4 levels and level-up is available through contributions to DOSI. Get a unique Citizen NFT by signing up for DOSI Wallet, and enjoy the benefits of Citizen membership!
By holding a DOSI Citizen NFT, you can enjoy various services and get fun and rewards. Join the DOSI Citizen NFT project for everyone!

Citizen Economy Improvement Plan

To further promote substantial growth, DOSI Citizen is planning a major update aimed at a contributor-centric distribution of DOSI Citizen / FNSA and intuitive service revamp.
  1. 1.
    Removal of Fixed Prize Amount for DOSI Citizen and Introduction of Dynamic Prize System
  2. 2.
    DON to LUP (Level Up Pass) Exchange and Simplification
  3. 3.
    Improvements to Attendance and DOSI Arcade
  4. 4.
    Improvements to DOSI Adventure and DOSI Land
The economic improvement will be carried out gradually starting from August, and is expected to be completed by September. We ask for your continued interest.