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Let us explain in more detail of the core service, 'Citizen Membership' of DOSI. We will guide you about How to get a Citizen, Citizen Level-ups, and the Benefits of the Citizen membership.
First of all, Let us introduce the parts of the Citizen. All Citizen NFTs are made with Computer Generative Tool making a unique PFP(Profile Picture) NFT. Citizen NFTs consist of a total of 8 parts, which form their rarity: their hat, hair, accessories, top, hands, bottom, shoes, and skin. Citizens are created uniquely for each individual according to a combination of the parts with different rarities based on the level of each Citizen NFT.
So, Let's learn more about the Citizens below.

1. How to get Citizen

There are many ways to get a Citizen.
First, you will get one unique Citizen NFT when you sign up for the DOSI Wallet.
Second, you can get citizens through the weekly DOSI Adventure. To learn more about DOSI adventure, please check #here. For your information, not only Citizen but also huge blue-chip NFTs come out as prizes every week, so make sure don't miss them out!
Third, you can also get additional citizens through C2C transactions. Visit Citizen Marketplace and get your favorite Citizen!

2. Citizen Membership Benefits

One of the main benefits of owning an Citizen NFT is that you can participate in DOSI Land to win prize of FNSA. Collect more citizens as you can get win more FNSA on your Citizen level or quantities!
Also, you can get more DON if you have more Citizen NFTs. Not only you can participate in DOSI Adventure and DOSI Land, you can also continue with your DOSI Arcade using DON.
The higher level Citizen NFT holders can receive more DON rewards, as well as benefits related to Citizen and several NFT projects in the DOSI Platform. For example, the higher the level of city citizens you have, the more chance to get Whitelist and discount for the NFT Whitelist for various projects in DOSI.

3. Citizen levels & How to level-up

Citizen consists of a total of four levels, and below are explanations of what levels are consisting and how to get to the next level.

3-1. Citizen levels

Citizen consists of four levels: Traveler, Visitor, Resident, and Citizen. The very first Citizen you receive when you sign-up for the wallet is a Level 1 traveler level. Shall we start to level up step by step to become the true Citizen? The real boss with the highest benefits in DOSI ! 😉

3-2. How to level-up

To go up to the next level, There are essential things to have. You can level up when DON, Citizen, and NFT Purchase amounts reach a certain standard. Don't worry, it is easy to level up without difficulty, and Citizen NFT can be collected through constant participation in DOSI Adventure every week, and if you don't forget to check attendance, you can easily get more DON.
And to give you a tip, if you trade Citizen through Marketplace, you can get the transaction amount and Citizen at once!
Collect more Citizens now ! and Level up for more DONs and high-level citizens ! Go to Citizen!