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Trading Guide

We will introduce on how to buy and sell NFTs on DOSI!

1. To Buy NFTs on DOSI

There are two ways to buy NFTs on DOSI.
First, you can buy NFTs through sales in DOSI Stores. Second, you can buy NFTs through User-to-user trade in Marketplace. Also payment method may vary depending on your country so please refer below for more information.
Payment Method
Credit or Debit Card
Global (except S.Korea)
S. Korea
Ethereum(ETH) - w/ Metamask
*USA, TH, JP cannot make payments in Credit or Debit Card.
*Some countries and regions are restricted from using the service based on DOSI Wallet's internal policies. Please look here>.

1) Buy NFTs in Brand Store (B2C, Primary Sale)

First, go to Brand Store of NFT you wish to buy. Then select the NFT and simply log in with Social Media. Then go through payment process and it's done! Check latest updates of Brand store and projects through DOSI channels!
Get updates on DOSI Discord & Twitter

2) Buy NFTs in Marketplace (C2C, Secondary Sale)

You can buy other users' NFTs through User-to-user(C2C) Trade function. In the store of NFT you want to buy, select the Marketplace menu and log in your DOSI Wallet account. Select the NFT you want to buy and click the ‘Buy Now’ button. If you wish to buy with FINSCHIA(FNSA), connect with DOSI Vault. If you wish to buy with Ethereum(ETH), connect with Metamask wallet.
Go Take a look at Marketplace to buy NFTs!

2. Sell NFTs on DOSI

You also can sell NFTs on DOSI. After logging in to your DOSI Wallet account in the DOSI Store of NFT you want to sell, open ‘My NFT’ menu by clicking the top profile. If you want to sell Citizen NFT, go to Citizen Marketplace, or to sell Hellbound NFT go to Hellbound Marketplace.
Select the available NFTs for sale among the NFTs you have and Click the ‘Sell now’ button. (When selling for the first time) Seller Information registration is necessary.
*MetaMask Address Registration, SMS verification, personal information is mandatory
Go to the store and registering the product for sale & setting the sales price, click the ‘Confirm’ button. Enter your 6 Passcode and it will be registered on Marketplace. When the sale is completed, the sale price will be settled to the ETH wallet address registered in Seller Information.