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What is DON?

DON is membership points awarded to DOSI Citizens in the DOSI ecosystem, based on citizens' activities and contributions. Currently, DON is used to level up the Citizen NFTs, participate in the Adventure, and purchase DOSI Land in the future.

1. How to earn DON?

There are 3 main ways to earn DON.
First is the attendance check. For the attendance check, the quantity of DON that will be obtained varies according to the Citizen NFT level in Citizen Membership.
The second is by inviting friends. The referrer and referee can receive 100 DON and 300 DON, respectively. DON is paid only when the referee, who is registered with the DOSI Wallet, joins for the first time. Up to 20 referees can be invited and you can earn 2,000 DON in total!
Third, it is possible to obtain DON through NFT purchases. Users can earn additional DON by NFT purchases not only by USD/ETH/FNSA NFT purchases through DOSI Store (B2C) But also transactions between users (C2C transactions) in Marketplace.
Tip. There are advantages to DON rewards when you are trading through LINK (LN). Don't forget to check the benefits below!
  1. 1.
    Save on Ethereum gas fees by 98% or more
  2. 2.
    More DON Reward Benefits
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    Trade 400 times faster than Ethereum

DON rewards in Transaction Type & Amount

DON rewards based on transaction type and the transaction amount. Each payment (USD, ETH, and FNSA) follows a different reward policy. Please learn more here!

2. Where can I use DON?

DON can be used at the followings:
Citizen Levelup
You need DON to become Lv.2 or higher level of Citizens.
DOSI Adventure
DON is needed to participate in DOSI Adventure to get Blue-chip and Citizen NFTS
DOSI Arcade
You need DON to continue playing mini-games at the DOSI Arcade.
DON is included as a mandatory requirement for participating in DOSI Land.
Coming Soon..!
More places to coming soon!