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DOSI Land is another raffle event that DOSI Citizen users with DOSI Citizen Lv2 ~ 4 NFTs can participate in every week.

1. What is DOSI Land?

DOSI Land is a raffle event that DOSI Citizen users with DOSI Citizen Lv2 ~ 4 NFTs can participate in every week. Users can participate by using DON and Level Up Passes(Pass) and winners of DOSI Land will receive corresponding FINSCHIA(FNSA) tokens as prizes, depending on the conditions.

2. How to participate in DOSI Land?

Ownership of DOSI Citizen
Ownership of at least 1 or more of DOSI Citizen Lv2,3 or 4 NFTs
Spending DON
2,000 DON~2,000,000 DON depending on Land/Zone
Spending Level Up Passes
1 Pass ~ 300 Pass depending on Land/Zone
*If participating in multiple Lands in the same round, the duplicate counting of LUPs for snapshots will be allowed
  • The consumption of Level Up Passes will proceed starting from the Land in which the user participated first, and, as such, the Land that participated first will have the most Level Up Passes snapshots applied

3. How is the Structure of DOSI Land?

There are 3 different lands(Emerald Orbit, Sapphire Starlight, and Golden Galaxy) that users can participate in based on the user’s ownership of DOSI Citizen Lv2, 3, 4 NFTs. Each Land has 3 different Zones with varying participation costs and prizes (Total of 9 Zones).
By by using DON and Level Up Passes(Pass), DOSI Citizen users can participate in the corresponding Land(s). It is possible to participate in multiple Lands simultaneously, but only one Zone per Land.

4. How does it distribute of FINSCHIA(FNSA) to winners?

After the selection of winners, FINSCHIA(FNSA) tokens for each Zone will be distributed to each winner based on the proportion of the total number of DOSI Citizen NFTs(70% distribution weight) and Level-up Passes held(30% distribution weight) by all winners.
  • The number of DOSI Citizen NFTs held and the number of Level Up Passes held are determined based on the snapshot information submitted at the time of participating in the respective Zone.
    • DOSI Citizen NFTs held: The number of Citizen NFTs held at the time of participation corresponding to the level of the Land being participated in.
    • Number of Level Up Passes held: The number of Level Up Passes held at the time of participation in the Zone, excluding the amount used for participation in said Zone.
DOSI Land will display the real-time amount of participants for each Zone as well as the total amount of DOSI Citizen NFTs and Level Up Passes.
Example of FINSCHIA(FNSA) distribution
✔ User A who holds DOSI Citizen Lv4 NFT enters Golden Galaxy's Zone 3(450 FNSA available for distribution, 45% selection rate)
✔ User A holds 10 DOSI Citizen Lv4 NFTs, 1,000 Level Up Passes
✔ Total of 4 winners and winners hold 20 DOSI Citizen Lv4 NFTs and 2,000 Level Up Passes
✔️ FNSA distributed to User A: 620 FNSA x (10/20) x 70% + 620 FNSA x (1,000/2,000) X 30% = 217.0 FNSA + 93.0 FNSA = 310 FNSA