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Key Strategies

Three Key Strategies to Popularize NFT

DOSI offers 1) Brand Stores, 2) Easy Payment, and 3)Special Memberships to popularize NFTs.

1. Brand Store

In order to popularize NFT, Brand stores specialized in good brands and services are mandatory. DOSI provides brand stores with top-tier global brands and partners. An open market where you can collect and trade NFTs from brand stores will be launched in the future.

2. Easy Payment

DOSI Wallet makes it easy for anyone to create an account with a social login to collect NFTs. It is also the first NFT platform to offer a 'Multi-currency Trading' system that allows you to trade in the currency you want. You can trade one product in the currency you want, such as Naver Pay, credit card, Ethereum(Metamask wallet), and crypto FNSA(DOSI Vault wallet).
*Naver Pay and credit card payment methods vary from country to country.

3. Special Membership

DOSI Citizen Membership is available for anyone to collect NFT. As much as you contribute to the DOSI Ecosystem, you can get more rewards and benefits. Please refer here> for more information on DOSI Citizen!